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Independent Media Solutions

Full Stack Development

Extend your Business Rules Online.

Mobile and Web ready

In today's world having a site that is both web and mobile ready is a essential. Let us help you evalute your goals and make sure that it fits a ever changing mobile first landscape.

CMS and ECommerce

With 15 years in the business. IMS can provide solutions ranging from Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla to Express Engine and VBulletin. We also have a dozen years integrating with Paypal and various other merchant gateways including Verisign and

Reactive Programming

Have a small to medium size company, but are sick of legacy applications or generic applications that want you to conform to their design? Let us help you build out a process from back to front that will improve your process and let you get back to work.

Open Source Commitment

We work with open source technologies and cloud based solutions. We primary work in the LAMP stack but are Full Stack capable.

File Icons

Maximize your Investment

Developing an internet app that works for you. We can help take your business and create or integrate a database that will have many different faces.

We are not softwared as a service. We make software that will service your needs specificly. Building a relationship, understanding your business, and developing for the long haul.

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Independent Media Solutions